Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lor'Themar's Girl

With lore from the new patch gravitating around Blood Elves once more, Anou has decided to show off the colors of her kin, flaunting it in front of Hellscream without a care in the world.

"So, Yllap, how do I look?"

She was so adamant about this new transmog set that she even refused to participate in the new content when it arrived on Tuesday until she could farm enough Champion's Seals to buy her Sunreaver tabard (which, probably on account of lack of bank space, she had vendored quite a few patches ago). Thankfully, it was still available.

Back at home in Silvermoon City, to meet with...

Lor'Themar Theron & Co.

Featured above (and below): Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit, Sunreaver tabard, Scarlet Sin'Dorei Robes, Gloves of Tyri's Power, Felheart Belt, Boots of the Malefic, Fang of Venoxis, Book of Highborne Hymns.

Ok, so. The shoulders and dagger have a similar natural green-glow (amplified by the dagger's Jade Spirit enchant). The boots could easily be replaced by Felheart Slippers, but I preferred the grey-on-grey that was almost identical to the robe's hem, making the boots efface themselves. My ultimate goal is to make myself a Girdle of Ruination¹ to replace the Felheart Belt, but there is a lot of tedious farming involved that I haven't been motivated enough to do yet, considering I already had the Fel one and the green jewel in it brings the rest together just as nicely.

After her meeting with Theron (Azeroth's McSteamy?), Rommath and Brightwing, Anou accompanied Scout Captain Elsia to the Isle of Thunder, to aid in the war efforts there.

"You look that way, I'll look this way. Hiss if you see something."

¹Incidentally, I won the pattern off the auction house in a VERY tight and competitive bidding war with someone whom I won't name, but happened to see and thenceforth kept dibs on. After hours and hours, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my family, doing napkin math and guesstimation to figure out the last possible minute to bid on the pattern, my iPhone tucked beside me... My last bid went through and about 3 minutes after, my phone buzzed, and everyone at the table cheered! LOL

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