Monday, November 10, 2014

Blue and Gold with Flickering Fel Flames

She won it. She earned her title. And now she is Anoukisse of the Black Harvest. (A story is in the works right now, detailing her quest towards the ultimate defeat of Kanrethad. When it is complete, I will try to remember to add a link here.)

A new outfit was most definitely called for, considering her recent status change. Thus ensued a long thought process revolving around the color of Fel energy. Everyone was going green though. Anou doesn't like to be like everyone else. And green is such a bad color; pasty and cadaverous, reminiscent of discharge and rot. (Or worse! Of balance, harmony and nature!) No. Anou wanted power and glory. She wanted those who looked upon her to hesitate between cowering in awe or running in fear. Royalty. Darkness. One of the Gifted few to be honored with the title for having brought the Leader of the Council of the Black Harvest to his knees.

Hence she got to work on her new trappings, meticulously earning, sewing, and fighting for this final look:

Featured above: Felheart Horns, Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps, Shroud of the Lore'nial, Soulcloth Gloves (which can easily be replaced by Lifedrainer's Sordid Grips (I am currently debating this, myself)), Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Cord of Cruelty, Slippers of the Holy Light (remain to be changed to Faux Warlock Slippers), Soulkeeper.

What made Anou decide on these particular pieces was in fact that gold and navy stand for royalty and darkness. The gown holds hints of glowing greens and yellows that marry well with the new fel energy pulsing within her (not to mention matching her eyes). Of course, horns, to reinforce her demonic background, and howling satanic faces at her shoulders, spewing fel flames at those who get too close. Finally, a staff of green fire trapped in an ever-turning ring, proof to all that she has conquered the light in the darkness.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

To the Foothills

Seeing as Anou likes to wander the various zones and continents while she waits for the [endless] LFR queues to [finally] invite her in, I put together a new outfit for the every day, for those quiet meandering kind of afternoons.

Featured above: Embroidered Armor, Patchwork Belt, Simple Kilt, Knitted Sandals, Beautiful Wildflowers. (Photo bomber: Orange Tabby.)

A few more photos are available, for those interested, at my sister blog, Diary of a Gnome Spy. :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tribal Warlock

Here is a transmog outfit Anou had been trying to pull together for quite some time. The dress is one of her two favorites, and she'd been yearning to make an outfit around it. The problem was that the dratted feathered shoulders were simply not dropping. (They finally did one night, when Mr. GM pushed her grumbling self into Zul'Aman to try for them, with her whining about the fact they would never drop... Oh, the irony.)

Featured above: Jan'alai's Spaulders, Cataclysmic Gladiator's Felweave Raiment, Gloves of Penitence, Contender's Silk Belt, Vindicator's Dreadweave Stalkers, Grand Magister's Staff of Torrents.

The shoulders and staff have the same kind of blue-ish glow to them, and if you're interested to replicate that glow somewhere else, I recommend Slippers of Moving Waters which are available for Justice Points. The staff was just one Anou happened to have on hand at the time of transmog, but Brutal Gladiator's Staff looks pretty darn awesome, and also has feathers, thus tying itself in with the shoulders too.

If you're looking to match a mount or pet, I haven't gone through them all purposefully, but I like Corrupted Fire Hawk and Hearthsteed as mounts, and Dark Phoenix Hatchling.

Now, in my opinion, if you happened to be a Troll Warlock, this outfit would look particularly fetching and racially-fitting due tot he feathers and stuff...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Walking the Plank

Anoukisse was out with her friends, raiding and looting off the coast of Timeless Isle, when all of a sudden, the crew turned mutinous. Her very GM threatened to make her walk the plank—though quite honestly, being the [evil] angel that she is, she could not understand why!

(Naturally, she needed an outfit for this pretend scenario that she thought up as she stood on the edge of (what looks like) the main mast. So, she called Brox, her little squire, and had him rummage through the bank for her, returning with the perfect items!)

Can't make ME walk the plank, Savage dog! /smash bottle

You'll never take me alive! /stab stab

Featured above: Sleeveless T-Shirt, Leggings of the Faceless Shroud, Knitted Sandals, Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker.

In all honestly, I felt that this outfit portrayed the dirty sailor, the shipwrecked passenger, the beached pirate, torn, dirty, bedraggled. You can really do a lot with these pants (if you're a Warlock—other classes need not apply), especially since you don't need to scout around for and store a matching belt!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blood Elf Ranger

One dark night, Anou found herself wanting to explore her roots and heritage, and decided to return to Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands. After rummaging through her trunk, she decided on something light, but warm, a hood and cloak, and one of her most trusty staves, one that would proclaim her Blood Elf, yet intimidate even the fiercest opponent.

Featured above: Cowl of the Grand Engineer, Destroyer's Cloak, Black Mageweave Vest, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Veteran's Silk Belt, Conqueror's Deathbringer Leggings, Infernoweave Boots, Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei.

Incidentally, the helm drop was pure luck—not sure how many times we ran The Eye to get it. The cloak is a quest reward in Dustwallow Marsh, and although there are similar cloaks in game, I found this one to match the best. I was going for a hooded cloak look, and not the appearance of two separate pieces. The leggings belong to Warlocks only—other classes need not apply. /evil grin

(Forgive me for the mount glowing in blue fire, but he was what sparked this random adventure. His saddle, and bags do match, however, so, I still think it works. My husband earned that mount for me. Thank you, husband! <3 xxx)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lyv The Hallowed

Being the skilled seamstress and fashionista that she is, Anou accepted the daunting task of putting together an outfit for Lyv, the Undead priest.

Now, Lyv has something of a reputation, being that she is a priest but can't get her head around saving people. Up until now, she has gone most of her life as a shadow, or skulking around graveyards and crypts, caring little about her appearance, or the creepy-crawlies always falling out of her robes. Even in the dusty, sweltering heat of Orgrimmar, Lyv was able to find suitable enough lodgings.

Anou wanted to bring out that contrast in her new acquaintance. Lyv, the Undead. The anti-healer. Shadow and fiendlings. She wanted to stray from the "rotten flesh and cockroaches" look that Lyv had nurtured up until then.

This is what she came up with.

Featured above: Halo of Transcendence, Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith, Arcanoweave Robe, Durable Belt (Tentacular Belt is in the works to complete the set Anou had designed), Mana-Etched Gloves, Slippers of Moving Waters, Ordo Mace, Tome of the Dawn.

Lyv was so pleasantly surprised that she stays out of shadow form now when she's not out and about in the world, so people can admire the light shining from her.

FYI: The mace is what Lyv had equipped she t'mogged all her stuff. It unintentionally matches, but different weapons are also currently in the works. I was just so proud of what it all looked like that I couldn't wait to show it off.