Monday, November 10, 2014

Blue and Gold with Flickering Fel Flames

She won it. She earned her title. And now she is Anoukisse of the Black Harvest. (A story is in the works right now, detailing her quest towards the ultimate defeat of Kanrethad. When it is complete, I will try to remember to add a link here.)

A new outfit was most definitely called for, considering her recent status change. Thus ensued a long thought process revolving around the color of Fel energy. Everyone was going green though. Anou doesn't like to be like everyone else. And green is such a bad color; pasty and cadaverous, reminiscent of discharge and rot. (Or worse! Of balance, harmony and nature!) No. Anou wanted power and glory. She wanted those who looked upon her to hesitate between cowering in awe or running in fear. Royalty. Darkness. One of the Gifted few to be honored with the title for having brought the Leader of the Council of the Black Harvest to his knees.

Hence she got to work on her new trappings, meticulously earning, sewing, and fighting for this final look:

Featured above: Felheart Horns, Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps, Shroud of the Lore'nial, Soulcloth Gloves (which can easily be replaced by Lifedrainer's Sordid Grips (I am currently debating this, myself)), Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Cord of Cruelty, Slippers of the Holy Light (remain to be changed to Faux Warlock Slippers), Soulkeeper.

What made Anou decide on these particular pieces was in fact that gold and navy stand for royalty and darkness. The gown holds hints of glowing greens and yellows that marry well with the new fel energy pulsing within her (not to mention matching her eyes). Of course, horns, to reinforce her demonic background, and howling satanic faces at her shoulders, spewing fel flames at those who get too close. Finally, a staff of green fire trapped in an ever-turning ring, proof to all that she has conquered the light in the darkness.