Friday, May 18, 2012

In the Corn Field

Here's an outfit similar to the gardening outfit that could maybe lend itself better to a male character (for those too "squeamish" to be in touch with their flower-power). I have been farming Tirisfal Farmers for the sword that looks like a broom, but to no avail as yet. There was also a class-specific quest that Anou could have done to get a staff that looks like a scythe, but it doesn't seem to be available to me, something I will be asking Blizzard GMs about.

If you don't have the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, you could always opt for the Crochet Hat, which is a grey-quality item that looks exactly the same. Or, substitute for whatever hat you prefer. I think those two are the best seeing as they perfectly match the brown in the rest of the outfit.

Incidentally, I use Outfitter to sort my costumes and keep track of pieces. But when I took my screenshots for some reason, the Sleeveless T-Shirt wasn't equipped even though it's saved to my farmer's set. I posted a screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Pruning (Corning?) the Crop

Featured above: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Canvas Vest, Knitted Belt, Gloves of the Messiah, Laughing Skull Pants, Soft-Soled Linen Boots, Amplifying Blade, Willow Branch. (Westfall Chicken)

The Amplifying Blade looks like a pair of shears in my opinion, but you can swap it out for whatever farmer-type-looking tool you can equip or find. I chose the Willow Branch in this scenario since it looks like a twig or stem Anou may have pruned off in the corn field.


Toss It Into the Wagon!

With the Sleeveless T-Shirt on Underneath

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Gypsy

Ever since the new and improved Darkmoon Faire has come out, I have thought of putting a gypsy costume together. Don't confuse gypsy with fortune-teller--though I must say some of the tents on Darkmoon Island are definitely inspiring to stage a fortune-teller or other shady circus performer.

Below, Anoukisse and her pets are unwinding from a hard day's work at the Faire, a vegetable stew is simmering in the pot for herself and anyone else who may drop by--you know gypsies--and the evening looks promising.

"Just eat your peanuts."

Featured above: Eldr'naan Jerkin, High Councillor's Sash, Colorful Kilt, Gem Studded Bracelets, Knitted Sandals, Torch of Austen. (Darkmoon Monkey)

An Owl in the Darkness

Waiting for Romeo

Featured above: Starfire Tiara, Eldr'naan Jerkin, Sleeveless T-Shirt, High Councillor's Sash, Colorful Kilt, Gem Studded Bracelets, Knitted Sandals, Stratholme Lily. (Festival Lantern)

Fireflies, Crickets and Owls, Oh My!

Quiet Contemplation (Minus the Bugs)

Featured above: Starfire Tiara, Simple Blouse, Wisdom of the Timbermaw, Gem Studded Bracelets, Colorful Kilt, Knitted Sandals, Lantern of Enchanted Flame. (Brilliant Kaliri)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Library

Here's that entry about a variety of books I'd mentioned earlier this week. These are the books I have in my inventory, some normal looking, others mysterious or scary. They match pretty much anything I have put together so far, so I hope they can inspire you too!

Here, Anou is studying magic with the mages, warlocks and priests in Silvermoon City. They have discussed certain issues at length, performed tests and other knowledgeable stuff.

1) Normal and Neutral

2) Normal and Neutral

3) Mysterious and Shiny

4) Mysterious and Glowing

5) Scary

Featured above: 1) Royal Guide of Escape Routes 2) Fire-Runed Grimoire 3) Dungeoneering Guide 4) Chronicle of Dark Secrets 5) Tome of Shadow Force

Upon her arrival, the study was warm, the day's rays having permeated even the thick walls of this edifice. But as the shadows grew, a chill followed. Good thing Anou brought a warm vest to pull on.

No Vest

Set of Warmer Colors

Set of Cooler Colors

Featured above: Formal White Shirt, Knitted Belt, Simple Kilt, Pagan Shoes. The Warmer set is using Woven Vest and book #1; the Cooler set is using Banshee Armor and book #2.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shadows of the Magi

After that twin warlock incident (/shudder), Anoukisse decided that she was no longer unique, and it was time for a wardrobe change.

These are items Anou had in her inventory for quite some time, and I had been toying with the idea of putting them together. There are some warlock-specific tier pieces, combined with what looks like typical mage items, so the look will be more difficult to copy, but it remains smoky and very evil-looking. (I couldn't decide which screen caps were best, so I've chosen a whole slew of them to show the sinister feel I was going for.)

I like how the purple in the back of the helm matches the purple at the top of the cloak, yet the cloak has random blue gems inset that recall the glowing blue on the front of the outfit. The off-white in the cloak you may find a bit off, but I think it's neutral enough to be considered a match. I didn't feature the weapons in all the pictures, but basically, Power Torrent makes whatever you have equipped glow in various shades of pink and orange, so it doesn't really matter.

Following the Recipe

Rain of Fire. Check!

Summon Infernal. Prepare to Incinerate.

"Go, my demons! Destroy EVERYTHING!" /cackle

"Didn't I tell you to 'Destroy Everything?' "

"I put you in this world and I can take you out of it!"

Featured above: Dark Coven Hood, Dark Coven Shoulderpads, Drape of the Messenger, Raiments of the Corrupted, Pulsar Gloves, Vindicator's Mooncloth Belt, Buccaneer's Boots (yes, those trusty ole' things).

Update 11/09/2012

By the way, here is the perfect mount for this set!

The Frosty Flying Carpet!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anou Gets a Dog

Here is a day to day outfit one could use, say, to go out to the dog park with your faithful companion. Incidentally, Anoukisse only just got her own Perky Pug this year, evidence of how she (I) hates using the LFG feature.

Magical Menagerie and Rescue

Visa, Master Card, or Dalaran Express?

Not a fire hydrant, but it will do.

Anxiety at the Dog Park

Featured above (not all items featured in every image): Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles, Brocade Vest, Sleeveless T-Shirt, Uvuros Hide Gloves, Brocade Belt, Inconspicuous Pantaloons, Flax Boots, Basilisk Bone. Novelty item: Rope Pet Leash.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Gardener

One of the participants of the Worst-Dressed Warlock contest was the author of the blog Tome of the Ancients. Her entry was creative, different, and dare I say, very unique. She took a completely different approach to her entry and it inspired me to replicate that outfit on Anou. ("Shamefully rip-off" seems more appropriate, but I couldn't help myself!) It is the most adorable herbalist/gardener outfit I have ever seen, although I admit it looks better on a Human--Blood Elves are too skinny.

Originally, I thought to hand the outfit over to my priest who is my herbalist/alchemist, but quite honestly my warlock is my dress-up 'toon, so I felt she absolutely needed to have it. It is on Lyv's wishlist though, so some time in the future I'll be hooking her up too.

Pruning the Flower Boxes

"Pop! Goes the Weasel."

Featured above: Crimson Felt Hat, Blue Overalls, Acolyte's Shirt, Knitted Belt, Light Cloth Gloves, Knitted Sandals, Acolyte's Dagger, Bouquet of Red Roses.

Here is Ironsally, one of the contestants of the Worst-Dressed Warlock contest. (Image copied from and posted with express permission of Tome of the Ancient's author.)

Ironsally, The Gardener ~ by Tome of the Ancient

Featured above: Crimson Felt Hat, Mechbuilder's Overalls, Pagan Mitts, Willow Belt, Kurkenstoks (a flip-flop t-mogable item available to Alliance players only), Long BayonetBouquet of Red Roses.

My favorite part of TotA's outfit, I think, is that she tied the flowers into the hat to bring that red accent color out, leaving the rest of the outfit neutral. In turn, this made me want to study the details of the screenshot even more. She even thought of gloves and a gardening tool, which makes the outfit look finished. Finally, the backdrop puts this outfit in a whole different ball park.

If you want to make a gardener out of your own character, really, there is just no end to the combinations you can pull together for this outfit. The overalls, in my opinion are simply a must, but you can use any assortment of "tools" and flowers, though I would stress matching the flowers to another item for that certain je ne sais quoi. You can also add any color shirt under the overalls for an added pop of color!

Below, I combined all non-soulbound items (except for the overalls) to achieve the same look, albeit much simpler, yet without the hassle of finding empty bank slots to store each piece when you're not sporting the look.

Ancient Wannabe

Feature above: Sodden Cloth Hat, Blue Overalls, Sodden Cloth Gloves, Knitted Belt, Knitted Sandals, Beautiful Wildflowers (to add a bit of color on Mrs. Fleshless here), Acolyte's Dagger.