Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Library

Here's that entry about a variety of books I'd mentioned earlier this week. These are the books I have in my inventory, some normal looking, others mysterious or scary. They match pretty much anything I have put together so far, so I hope they can inspire you too!

Here, Anou is studying magic with the mages, warlocks and priests in Silvermoon City. They have discussed certain issues at length, performed tests and other knowledgeable stuff.

1) Normal and Neutral

2) Normal and Neutral

3) Mysterious and Shiny

4) Mysterious and Glowing

5) Scary

Featured above: 1) Royal Guide of Escape Routes 2) Fire-Runed Grimoire 3) Dungeoneering Guide 4) Chronicle of Dark Secrets 5) Tome of Shadow Force

Upon her arrival, the study was warm, the day's rays having permeated even the thick walls of this edifice. But as the shadows grew, a chill followed. Good thing Anou brought a warm vest to pull on.

No Vest

Set of Warmer Colors

Set of Cooler Colors

Featured above: Formal White Shirt, Knitted Belt, Simple Kilt, Pagan Shoes. The Warmer set is using Woven Vest and book #1; the Cooler set is using Banshee Armor and book #2.

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