Tuesday, August 28, 2012

League of Arathor MogOlympics Athletes

Since the link from the MogOlympics' site points here, and since I post my results and items list on my other blog, I've decided to set up a list of links to each specific entry here, for anyone interested or curious! :) Or, you can simplify things by checking out the entire MogOlympics Category!

Week One:

Opening ceremonies! Meet Ella, Quinn and Verity, Flagbearers for League of Arathor!
Round one, Cycling. Meet Rodney "Red Rod" Crankshaft!
Round two, Hammer Throw. Meet Corrick McCord!

Week Two:

Round three, Discus. Meet Jaremy Thompson!
Round four, Wrestling. Meet Dranoss "The Fang"!
Round five, Archery. Meet Fenn Nightvine!
Round six, Javelin. Meet Dalessian Stormpole, winner of the Gold Medal! Woohooo! /cheer

Week Three:

Round seven, Fencing.
Round eight, Freestyle.
Round nine, Equestrian.
Closing Ceremonies.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bamboo Grove

Darger, our very generous GM, has once again humored me in one of my dress-up doll endeavors—I have this whole idea about our end-of-expansion guild party. Anyway, you know how things get when the creative juices are flowing...

Featured above: Festival Suit, Knitted Sandals.

Anou has crafted a veritable army of Festival Suits and Festival Dresses, and has bought and gift-wrapped many a pair of Knitted Sandals and sent them along to willing guild members for our "end-of-expansion" party. We'll be doing an Asian theme and dressing our toons in Festival garb to celebrate the arrival of the Pandaren. The location is still to be determined but people are definitely getting into the swing of things!

If you're fortunate enough to have saved a Festive Pant Suit or one of the Festive Dresses during the Lunar Festival, those will also do magnificently well! Or, try running the new Scarlet Monastery instances for a chance to win Robes of Koegler. Then it's as simple as getting a pair of Knitted or Cross-Stitched Sandals and a hair cut and presto-change-o! Hello Mists of Pandaria! Welcome to Azeroth! Actually, it would be even funnier to pull a "geeky Asian" and wear the socks under the flip-flops ;) (Ringo's Blizzard Boots/Shimmering Geta).

Non-combat pets that fit the bill would be things like Pandaren Monk, Ancona chicken, Westfall Chicken, any variety of serpent, Dragon Kite, Festival Lantern, Lucky Quilen Cub, Lunar Lantern, Magic Lamp, Panda Cub, Tuskarr Kite.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updated Chef

Pilfering rice from the trolls wasn't such a great idea. After catching her for the second time, it was off to the kitchens for Anou, to cut up, debone and fillet a rather large bowl of raw slitherskin mackerel.

"Ugh. More fish."

Featured above: Chef's Hat, Brewfest Dress, Brewfest Slippers, Old Crafty, Neurosurgeon's Tool.

Yes. My head almost popped off too when I realized the axe was actually a dagger. I must say, THANK YOU BLIZZARD! for giving us caster-types a way to carry something that looks appropriate for the kitchen! Now, let's just hope we get to keep daggers in MoP!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Merciless Gladiator's Dreadgear

Back during the Burning Crusade, Anoukisse plodded her way painfully through an endless string of battlegrounds to get her hands on a full epic PvP set to make raiding a bit easier. (At the time a lot of people were doing it, and being my first experience in World of Warcraft, I took the advice and worked my fingers raw.)

Anou was a struggling warlock, the worst of her class. She spent most nights as a ghost, resurrecting in one graveyard or another only to race headlong into some random group of alliance just to die again. However, after many trials and much adversity, she proudly sported her five pieces of "full Glads" into Karazhan.

Welcome to the very sadistic, Warlock-specific, season 2 PvP, Merciless Gladiator set...


Shaafenn and the Staff

Demonic Circle

Featured above: Merciless Gladiator's Dreadweave Hood, Mantle, Robe, Cord of Screaming Terrors, Merciless Gladiator's Dreadweave Gloves, Vindicator's Mooncloth Slippers, Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer.

The belt and boots were won in recent forages for transmog gear, as was the staff. In fact, the belt listed above is the same model as Veteran's Dreadweave Belt, which is the one that comes with the PvP set, only it was made to match the Corruptor Raiment, which is minimally lighter in color. Veteran's Dreadweave Stalkers and the correct belt are on my to-do list.

Despite the allure of Void Storage, I can't bring myself to put this set in there because of all the hard work that went into earning it and enhancing it with gems and enchantments. It will stay in Anou's bank, authentic, forever.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Enchanter

Anou's Enchanting Office

Please stay behind the line and take a number.
Then, I don't want to see you until your name is called.

Thank you,
The Management

You can't see it in these photos, but Anou's got Torch of Austen equipped in the wand slot, you know, to light the darker corners of the office (or to hold back an angry mob screaming for enchants after a raid). In the bottom screenshot, the belt was removed and I've swapped the pouch for Lantern of Enchanted Flame. I looked for a pair of purple gloves that would not become soulbound, but had no luck.

There are two other pouches that can be used if you want to set up your own enchanting outfit in a different color: Khadgar's Knapsack and Lost Bag of Whammies. In my case, I built my outfit around the hat because it's a shape-shifting item, and I didn't want to have extra slots taken up for a second hat. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Torturing Poker looks like an enchanting rod, so I chose the Furbolg Pouch as a "Hypnotic Dust container" to match it. The Torturing Poker itself has look-alikes, but this one is a dagger that I can equip at the same time as the pouch.

The office is now closed.

Go away.
Before I turn you into a Soul Shard.

Thank you,
The Management

Saturday, August 18, 2012

By the Fountain

Here is a great spring get-up, pale colors and pastels being the way to go when the flowers start to poke out of the earth and grass begins to uncurl. Below, Anou is enjoying a leisurely stroll around a fountain in Dalaran, her favorite city, after having picked a bunch of sweet-smelling flowers down below, in Crystalsong Forest.

Featured above: Patchwork Armor, White Swashbuckler's Shirt, Ancestral Belt, Inconspicuous Pantaloons, Knitted Sandals, Spring Flowers.

This particular belt was used for two reasons: 1) because it matches the bands on the sleeves of the chest piece almost perfectly while creating a nice contrast; and 2) because it's one of those most awesome unbound items that can be brought back and forth from my closet bank very easily. Naturally, you can mix up off-hands to complete this set, using any variety of books or flowers. I bet even a Wine Glass would look fantastic if you're setting this outfit up casually in an inn or tavern.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Squid

Here is Anou's newest transmog outfit! I call this one "The Squid" because originally it matches those gross, wiggling shoulders. She won a whole bunch of stuff on a DS alt run last week and I was ready for a change. The starting off point was the chest piece, which was new, and I ran with that.

I find this look is sinister in a calm and deceiving sort of way. It mixes epic and tier pieces from different eras and a few odd choices that fit perfectly! All I need is a new weapon and off-hand to go with it, but I'm going to try to find something that overwrites Power Torrent's glow. (I'm open to suggestions, so please feel free to.. suggest!)

Dagrin Admires the Latex Sea Horse

Too cute.

Featured above: Doomcaller's Mantle, Robes of the Faceless Shroud, Bracers of the Black Dream, Lingering Illness, Slippers of the Holy Light, Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind.

Update: Last night, Sunday Aug. 19th, I won a book that matches this transmog set to a tee. Ironmender is a golden volume perfect for Anou's endless pursuit of knowledge. Also, in the screen caps below, Anou equipped her helm, Doomcaller's Circlet, which matches the shoulders and is part of the Warlock-specific tier 2.5 set obtained in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Supper at the Leger Demain

Another night out with the girls! This time though, Anou is feeling a bit catty as one of her friends joins her at the table wearing similar attire. Good thing her friend bought the first round...

"Didn't I tell you I would wear my white blouse, skirt and vest?!"

The nerve of her!

Featured above: Twill Vest, White Swashbuckler's Shirt, Knitted Belt, Simple Kilt, Pagan Shoes, Wine Glass.

I chose the White Swashbuckler's Shirt because I love the flared sleeves and the crisp white color. However, any nicely contrasting colored-shirt would do. You could also pair it with one of the Argent Tournament souvenir shirts, or a Filigreed Shirt, and add the Knitted Sandals for a more summery ensemble.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This is an outfit I've been wanting to put together for awhile but never took the time to. Every respectable girl needs an outfit to wear to the beach, or on those extremely hot treks through Sholazar Basin. It can be changed up with various pieces, obviously, but this Simple Blouse bares Anou's midriff refreshingly well.

Lazy Summer Day

Cucumber Sandwiches!

Ocean View

Featured above: Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles, Simple Blouse, Ritual Belt, Padre's Trousers, Knitted Sandals, Romantic Picnic Basket.

The Gossamer Pants are the same model as Padre's Trousers and likely more easily found. Also, the belt and blouse are available in gray-quality items (Frayed Belt and Interlaced Vest), so you can store them safely in your bank guild if you don't intend to transmog them.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Colorful Kilt Idea

For a stroll around Silvermoon City on a cool day, Anou chose to wear her Colorful Kilt in honor of the near Fall.

This is another feminine set, using an item I keep but can't really stand (hehe, sorry to all the Colorful Kilt lovers out there). The outfit can be worn more casually, I wouldn't recommend it for a wedding or event, but as a day-to-day walk-around-town kind of outfit it's pretty nice. The only thing is that Banshee Armor is no longer available in game unfortunately.

Featured above: Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles, Banshee Armor, Stylish Black Shirt, Barbaric Cloth Belt, Uvuros Hide Gloves, Colorful Kilt, Recruit's Boots, Bouquet of Ebon Roses.

I chose the Barbaric Cloth Belt here because I find it repeats the purple-ish color of the kilt and the silvery lines in the top part of the outfit. The gloves are the same model and color as the Black Mageweave Gloves, so feel free to pop those babies in there instead. The only problem is that Banshee Armor is no longer available in game unfortunately. So, depending on your character's armor proficiencies, you can get a similar look wearing something else, but as this blog centers around clothies, you might want to try Drakeweave Raiment, Footpad's Vest, Knitted Tunic, Master's Vest/Netherweave Tunic, Ritual Tunic/Tattered Cloth Vest/Waterlogged Cloth Vest, or simply wear just the shirt with no chest piece over it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Flowery Post

For those who like to wear something that has class, yet is simple enough to wear around town, here's a lovely combination of cloth items that will suit (no pun intended) any female 'toon. Here's Anou after a hard day's work in Hyjal—having cleaned up, she looks for a quiet spot near the inn to take a break.

This looks like a good spot.


Featured above: Vindicator Tunic, High Councillor's Sash, Simple Kilt, Brewfest Slippers, Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein (I knew one day I'd find a use for this item).

The outfit above it pretty simple and makes a good starting off point for someone looking to transmog a purple outfit. You'll have to change the shoes and "weapons" though. A good combination could be Knife of Incision and Fire-Runed Grimoire (or any of its look-alikes).

If you're looking to be a bit more modest, you can always pop the Wound Dressing underneath for a crisp, low-cut-camy look. Another nice off-hand could be a bouquet of flowers. Whatever you have on hand will work, but I chose the Bouquet of Ebon Roses because of its dark, neutral quality.

Picking Flowers in the Glenn

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Desert Captive

Finally! This is an outfit I'd seen somewhere and I absolutely wanted it for Anou. It could probably be used as a belly dancer costume, as one of Illidan's "harem girls", as a desert bride (or captive), or any other number of "themes". It's provocative to say the least, so it may have minimal uses as far as true roleplay in this game. But it's just so pretty!

Escort or Captors?

Held with the Camels

Sold to the Merchant with the Biggest Purse

Featured above: Visha's Hood, Robes of the Guardian Saint, Runed Spellcuffs.

N.B. Anou only consented to these screenshots because we promised she could have the prettiest of the humans as an alliance auction-house and bank slave. >:)