Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Enchanter

Anou's Enchanting Office

Please stay behind the line and take a number.
Then, I don't want to see you until your name is called.

Thank you,
The Management

You can't see it in these photos, but Anou's got Torch of Austen equipped in the wand slot, you know, to light the darker corners of the office (or to hold back an angry mob screaming for enchants after a raid). In the bottom screenshot, the belt was removed and I've swapped the pouch for Lantern of Enchanted Flame. I looked for a pair of purple gloves that would not become soulbound, but had no luck.

There are two other pouches that can be used if you want to set up your own enchanting outfit in a different color: Khadgar's Knapsack and Lost Bag of Whammies. In my case, I built my outfit around the hat because it's a shape-shifting item, and I didn't want to have extra slots taken up for a second hat. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Torturing Poker looks like an enchanting rod, so I chose the Furbolg Pouch as a "Hypnotic Dust container" to match it. The Torturing Poker itself has look-alikes, but this one is a dagger that I can equip at the same time as the pouch.

The office is now closed.

Go away.
Before I turn you into a Soul Shard.

Thank you,
The Management


  1. "Go away, before I turn you into a soul shard." Haha, hilarous! Very nice outfit. :)

    1. Hehe. Your quote actually made me LOL. Thanks Toki! :D