Monday, August 27, 2012

Bamboo Grove

Darger, our very generous GM, has once again humored me in one of my dress-up doll endeavors—I have this whole idea about our end-of-expansion guild party. Anyway, you know how things get when the creative juices are flowing...

Featured above: Festival Suit, Knitted Sandals.

Anou has crafted a veritable army of Festival Suits and Festival Dresses, and has bought and gift-wrapped many a pair of Knitted Sandals and sent them along to willing guild members for our "end-of-expansion" party. We'll be doing an Asian theme and dressing our toons in Festival garb to celebrate the arrival of the Pandaren. The location is still to be determined but people are definitely getting into the swing of things!

If you're fortunate enough to have saved a Festive Pant Suit or one of the Festive Dresses during the Lunar Festival, those will also do magnificently well! Or, try running the new Scarlet Monastery instances for a chance to win Robes of Koegler. Then it's as simple as getting a pair of Knitted or Cross-Stitched Sandals and a hair cut and presto-change-o! Hello Mists of Pandaria! Welcome to Azeroth! Actually, it would be even funnier to pull a "geeky Asian" and wear the socks under the flip-flops ;) (Ringo's Blizzard Boots/Shimmering Geta).

Non-combat pets that fit the bill would be things like Pandaren Monk, Ancona chicken, Westfall Chicken, any variety of serpent, Dragon Kite, Festival Lantern, Lucky Quilen Cub, Lunar Lantern, Magic Lamp, Panda Cub, Tuskarr Kite.

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