Tuesday, August 28, 2012

League of Arathor MogOlympics Athletes

Since the link from the MogOlympics' site points here, and since I post my results and items list on my other blog, I've decided to set up a list of links to each specific entry here, for anyone interested or curious! :) Or, you can simplify things by checking out the entire MogOlympics Category!

Week One:

Opening ceremonies! Meet Ella, Quinn and Verity, Flagbearers for League of Arathor!
Round one, Cycling. Meet Rodney "Red Rod" Crankshaft!
Round two, Hammer Throw. Meet Corrick McCord!

Week Two:

Round three, Discus. Meet Jaremy Thompson!
Round four, Wrestling. Meet Dranoss "The Fang"!
Round five, Archery. Meet Fenn Nightvine!
Round six, Javelin. Meet Dalessian Stormpole, winner of the Gold Medal! Woohooo! /cheer

Week Three:

Round seven, Fencing.
Round eight, Freestyle.
Round nine, Equestrian.
Closing Ceremonies.

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