Monday, September 3, 2012

Pandaren Style

Going along with the Welcome Mists of Pandaria party Savage Darkness is aiming for, here are some alternate outfits based on the dresses and pets I mentioned in one of my last posts.

Usually anything black will complement either of these gowns, but keep in mind the Festival Suit will not display any kind of pants or belt. The Robes of Koegler have a neat long-sleeve under three-quarter sleeve effect that you can play off, or switch up with complementing bracers.

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Wisdom of the Timbermaw, Runed Spellcuffs, Knitted Sandals, Rune Sword. Lucky Quilen Cub.

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Runed Spellcuffs, Knitted Sandals, Spring Flowers. Lucky Quilen Cub. 

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Knitted Sandals. Festival Lantern. 

Featured above: Festival Dress, Rune Sword. Festival Lantern.

Update 18/09/2012: It appears Blizzard has changed the model of the Robes of Koegler (at least the ones that drop in the low-level instance). This sucks for a vast number of role players and fashionistas. Hopefully Blizz will give it back its beautiful blue pattern.

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