Monday, September 10, 2012

Lovely Dresses, Part 1

Of all the gowns and robes and dresses in game, you are bound to have one copy of the Lovely Dress. These dresses are chic and elegant—they are formal-wear, have no doubt—but many a bank alt is sporting one of these for their casual shopping trips.

The nice thing about these dresses is they are not soulbound, so you can store them in your closet bank, as Anou does, and express-mail them to your various 'toons if the occasion calls for it.

Lovely Black Dress

Featured above: Lovely Black Dress, Bouquet of Red Roses, Knitted Sandals.

Lovely Blue Dress

Featured above: Crown of the Fire Festival, Lovely Blue Dress, Spring Flowers, Knitted Sandals.

The Crown of the Fire Festival was challenging but not as difficult as I'd thought to obtain. It's the perfect complement to many of these formal dresses as it is pale and innocent-looking. (Incidentally, it was an item that Anou desperately wanted to be able to prove her angelic nature. She earned it this year, putting out many a bonfire in capital Alliance cities. Take that Alliance scum!) Now, if only I can get my hands on a Forever-Lovely Rose on both my main characters, I would be a very happy—and well-dressed—camper!

/wink wink

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