Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cataclysmically Gorgeous

Phenomenal dress. Simply magnificent. Only one dress is prettier, and that would be its Elite version which isn't available to Anou right now.

Featured above: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Felweave Raiment, Spring Flowers, Knitted Sandals.

Actually, this dress inspired me to build a new transmog set. I'm working on it for now, and I'll post as soon as it's complete! ;)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anoukisse the Doomcaller

Doesn't that sound vile and wicked? Anoukisse the Doomcaller. Muahahahahahaha!

The Doomcaller's Attire is another Warlock-specific tier set that Anou has completed. It is considered tier 2.5 and is still available through quests and reputation with Brood of Nozdormu. A long, long grind, and many scarabs and idols later, Anou also picked up the randomly dropped matching gloves. During this grind she also found Gloves of the Messiah with are the ones I used in the farmer outfit.

I especially love the back side of the dress where the turquoise and gold wings change the whole look of this set. The rest of the gear is rather ordinary actually, especially since it is an exact recolor of the priest and mage tier 2.5.

Featured above:  Doomcaller's Circlet, Mantle, Robes, Footwraps, Dark Storm Gauntlets.

Wings Come to Life?

Clever Anou. She snuck her Red Moth behind her. ;)

The weapons that go with the set, either staff or dagger, are on my list of things to do, but I'm so sick of AQ that I'm not sure it'll ever happen.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Special Guest

Anou was invited to an impromptu wedding a few weeks ago. She had to pull something together in about 15 minutes, to arrive in style and steal the spotlight—until the bride appeared, of course. /cough

Well, she went to the beauty parlor and had her hair done and sent word to her stylist to express-mail her a new dress and matching accessories, something different and eye-catching, but not so daring as to out-do the bride.

Featured above: Crown of the Fire Festival (bottom image only), Primal Robe, Lingering Illness (top image only), Bouquet of Orange Marigolds, Knitted Sandals.

Bracers and/or gloves can also complement this outfit, making the sleeves look longer and less like a bloody bandage (lol).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood Elf Lookout

I've updated my WoW Model Viewer since the patch, but it's got this shoulder bug thing that a lot of people are having trouble with. So, I've just been skimming through other cloth pieces, not quite imagining new outfits, but more like getting a feel for what's available.

Several times in the past, while going through the cloth feet, I've come upon these boots that look like cowboy boots. But every time I've searched for them, I was only able to find the leather version off the vendors in the Blood Elf starter zone.

Cowboy Boots

Finally though, last night, I discovered a comment about them actually being part of the Blood Elf Rogue starter set. What? Cloth? Needless to say, I immediately logged in and snagged Anou a pair, along with the rest of the set (all cloth). It isn't soulbound, why shouldn't I save the whole set?

First of all, I will be trying to design a "Daisy Duke outfit" around these boots. Come on, they scream Daisy Duke!

However, consider how cute Anou looks in her roguish counterpart's clothing, whilst admiring The Great Sea and the majestic city perched high above it.

These screenshots were taken within the Sunwell Plateau instance. Pally showed me the most beautiful spot! He really has an eye for locations! Thanks Pally!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spotlight: Pyrennicus

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Ok, she didn't get to dance with him, but boy did this Warlock knock Anou's socks off. He was tall and virile, and oh-so-evil looking. Clearly a master of demonology. Brave as she is, though, she went right up to him and told him he was hot. And his duds were hot. And his wings... Well, you get the picture.

Amused, Pyrennicus agreed to have his photo taken by the paparazzi that follow Anou everywhere, and gave his consent to be spotlighted in this article! It's Anou's Armoire's very first spotlight—not a feature that I had planned to incorporate really, but it was a spontaneous decision. This man is a Warlock. He wears cloth and has an incredible look! Why the heck not?

So, without further ado, please meet Assistant Professor Pyrennicus, of Arathor's <Order of the Golden Dawn>.

Smile for the Camera!

Stealing a Glimpse (Anou is So Pretty)

"The pleasure was all mine..."

Featured above: Horns of the Left Hand Path, Runecloth Shoulders, Cat Lover's Vest, Crimsonborne Bracers, Informant's Gloves, Nesingwary's Sash, Breeches of Mended Nightmares, Junglestrider Sandals. Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy (off-hand: Star of Stranglethorn). (For Anou's wardrobe in these shots, see Lush Private Garden.)

It was a pleasure to meet and converse with Pyrennicus, who was quite the gentleman. Hopefully our paths will cross again...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anoukisse the Malefic

Does any Warlock-only set beat the Malefic one? No, I don't think so.

Ugh. Hyjal. Zombies. Demons. Humans! Those wings are to die for. Literally. And die, and die. You as well as me, let me tell you. Also known as the Tier 6 Raid Set, Warlocks can obtain the pieces using tokens "of the Forgotten Conqueror" that drop randomly from various bosses in Sunwell Plateau, Hyjal Summit, and Black Temple.

After much toil and strife, after crying because a guild mate needed on the helm the very first time we went in there specifically for Anou to get the helm (grr!), Anou finally won her Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror the other morning, thus completing the set.

Admittedly, I went a bit screenshot-crazy, but what can I say—those wings!

Demon from the Darkest Crypts

Demon and the Imp

Door Number 13

From the Dark Heavens

Impressive Wing Span

Featured above: Hood, Mantle, Robe, Gloves, Belt, and Boots of the Malefic.

A few pieces from that set are also used to complete the Sunwell Warlock Raiment, but Anou hasn't collected that set as she's not particularly fond of it. Well, not yet anyway. Personally, I don't find the belt actually matches the Malefic set, but that's that.

Now, if you want the wings on this set you must have both the hood and mantle for the effect to occur. The effect may perhaps proc on its own, but mostly it's when your character jumps. Also, for a fact, if the helm is not displayed, the wings will not proc, so even though it is hideous, Display Helm. Check!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lovely Dresses, Part 1

Of all the gowns and robes and dresses in game, you are bound to have one copy of the Lovely Dress. These dresses are chic and elegant—they are formal-wear, have no doubt—but many a bank alt is sporting one of these for their casual shopping trips.

The nice thing about these dresses is they are not soulbound, so you can store them in your closet bank, as Anou does, and express-mail them to your various 'toons if the occasion calls for it.

Lovely Black Dress

Featured above: Lovely Black Dress, Bouquet of Red Roses, Knitted Sandals.

Lovely Blue Dress

Featured above: Crown of the Fire Festival, Lovely Blue Dress, Spring Flowers, Knitted Sandals.

The Crown of the Fire Festival was challenging but not as difficult as I'd thought to obtain. It's the perfect complement to many of these formal dresses as it is pale and innocent-looking. (Incidentally, it was an item that Anou desperately wanted to be able to prove her angelic nature. She earned it this year, putting out many a bonfire in capital Alliance cities. Take that Alliance scum!) Now, if only I can get my hands on a Forever-Lovely Rose on both my main characters, I would be a very happy—and well-dressed—camper!

/wink wink

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enchanted Enchantors

Here are two other looks for those wanting to put together an Enchantor's outfit or possibly a witch's costume.

This is one of those rare posts where I have chosen not to actually farm the outfits because I have one I very much like and I don't plan to transmogrify this type of look. Not in the near future anyway. That's all Anou needs—more people asking for enchants. ;)

Featured above left: Skywitch Hat, Lesser Wizard's Robe, High Councillor's Sash, Dress Shoes, High Councillor's Gloves, Flesh Piercer, Tome of Shadow Force.

Featured above right: Red Pointy Hat, Crimson Silk Robe, Vindicator's Mooncloth Slippers, Torturing Poker, Furbolg Medicine Pouch.

Now, in my defense, when I put these outfits together quite some time ago, I had no idea that the red hat and robe combination were an actual set. I was looking for something that would be relatively easy for anyone to put together, something that matched nicely and wasn't too expensive. Most of these items are either quest rewards or tailored pieces, very easy to find on any realm.

If you're unlucky as I was, Anou had already completed the quests for the hats and missed her chance to save them. Luckily though, a friend led me to a spot where a series of quests end with a reward that is the exact replica of the black and purple one, with the added perk of being a shape-shifting item!

P.S. My Wow Model Viewer is broken with a known yet unfixed bug: Several races keep their eyes closed. Blood Elf females and Night Elf males are two of those.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pandaren Style

Going along with the Welcome Mists of Pandaria party Savage Darkness is aiming for, here are some alternate outfits based on the dresses and pets I mentioned in one of my last posts.

Usually anything black will complement either of these gowns, but keep in mind the Festival Suit will not display any kind of pants or belt. The Robes of Koegler have a neat long-sleeve under three-quarter sleeve effect that you can play off, or switch up with complementing bracers.

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Wisdom of the Timbermaw, Runed Spellcuffs, Knitted Sandals, Rune Sword. Lucky Quilen Cub.

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Runed Spellcuffs, Knitted Sandals, Spring Flowers. Lucky Quilen Cub. 

Featured above: Robes of Koegler, Knitted Sandals. Festival Lantern. 

Featured above: Festival Dress, Rune Sword. Festival Lantern.

Update 18/09/2012: It appears Blizzard has changed the model of the Robes of Koegler (at least the ones that drop in the low-level instance). This sucks for a vast number of role players and fashionistas. Hopefully Blizz will give it back its beautiful blue pattern.