Sunday, November 17, 2013

Passion for Fashion

So, this was funny. I obviously have a Facebook account, and happened to see one of my "friends" post that they were playing a game called Fashland. It sounded promising. Like.. Paper Dolls, only with pixels! Anyway, so I went and gave it a try and now I'm hooked.

I realize this is not WoW-related, but I felt that it still needed to be posted here.


Incidentally, if you also play, message me and I will connect you to my FB! ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Auction House Fall Fashion

Featured above: Journeyman's Robe, Undercity Doublet, Sundered Waistband*, Knitted Sandals, Wine Glass.

Okay, so my bank 'toon is a hunter, and she happens to be wearing that mail belt in this screen shot. BUT! There is always a 'but'. Juju Belt looks awesome with this robe, for a bank 'toon, although it requires level 24 to get from a quest (Horde only) in Northern Stranglethorn.

For those of you who have low-level bank alts, the Tattered Cloth Belt is available from vendors and looks excellent with this dress.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Not Innactive

To all my followers,

Anou's Armoire is somewhat dormant because:
  1. I don't like making 'mogs or putting thematic outfits together just to post here;
  2. I am also trying to keep my main toons geared to raid, so that means dailies, LFR, Flex, Raids, etc.;
  3. I am extremely happy with my current cloth/Warlock tmog, and;
  4. I have a mog-related category for all classes/armor proficiencies over at The Gnome Spy, my other sort of "everything goes" blog.

Now, this is not a shameless plug, nor is it an attempt to keep my blog "recently updated" in the blog rolls, it's just to let you know that I have not (nor do I intend to) let it go.


~The Management ;)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fel Armor

These are the only two screenshots I happen to have of her previous t-mog, and although I could probably get Anou to pose in the outfit again, she's a bit contrary lately and I don't feel like opposing her. (Read: all the stuff is in Void Storage and I don't feel like paying to get it all out and put it all back in again just for some screenshots). /cough

Featured above: Sanctified Dark Coven Shoulderpads, Gown of Spiritual Wonder, Felheart Belt, Exiled Dabbler's Gloves, Felheart Slippers, Fang of Venoxis.

What's nice is that the gloves are invisible when wearing a long-sleeved robe, because basically, they look like really long wrists. A t-moggers dream! :)

Unfortunately, I can't remember what the off-hand was for this set, I think it was Book of Highborn Hymns, but that's because I hadn't changed it from my previous t-mog.

Now, Fang of Venoxis is no longer available in game, so here are two daggers that would easily look just as good: Magaera's Poisoned Fang, but your guild would need to run ToT-H for you to be able to loot an agility dagger; Intricate Spellblade is a randomly dropped green that also looks very, very nice.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Official Business in Undercity

Anou was tired of looking green. It was a nice transmog, to be sure, but enough already... What it did to her lovely olive complexion was, well, let's just say she felt like she'd come out of the Undercity Beauty Parlor.

As she embarked on her quest for Fel Fire—yes, more green—she decided something bloody and sinister would be more appropriate. Black Temple is not the most colorful of places, and she felt that the glow from the skulls on her shoulders would help warm her and light her way.

Featured above: Merciless Gladiator's Dreadweave Mantle, Imperial Ghostbinder's Robes, Undying Shadow Grips, Runed Stygian Belt, Unassuming Slippers, Damnation.

The dresses with the plunging necklines and deep décolletées are her absolute favorite (because quite honestly, when you got it, flaunt it, and Anou is all about curb appeal), and tend to last longer as far as 'mogs go.

Here she is, above and below, looking down her nose at peasants in the throne room of the Ruins of Lordaeron, where they come to bring their commoners' gripes and complaints, and to thank the royalty by offering a chicken for their table... Yllap, the smallest of her bratty imps, presides over the meetings, cracking jokes and smirking at everyone, making it very hard for our dear Anou to keep her composure.

Where did Anou fly off to after her official business? :O

Editor's note: I wish the staff didn't glow green because of the enchant. Alas, we can't transmog 'chants yet. :/

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Photo Shoot

Probably due to her fashion connections, Anou was recently ask to pose for Art of Azeroth magazine. The article was about famous sculptures throughout Pandaria, and several well-known Azerothian heroes would be featured throughout the piece. She felt it would be appropriate to show the photos (now that the article has been published), to show off another of her pretty outfits.

Here are the photos that ended up in Art of Azeroth:



Featured above: Spring Robes, Crown of the Fire Festival, Knitted Sandals.

And here are some photos that *I* decided to publish—unbeknownst to Anou—that ended up on the bloopers reel:

"Did anyone call for chicken?"

Cluck Cluck Cluck! /CHICKEN!

If *I'd* have had my say, those would have been published too, and titled "Dignity".

That Anou, what a sense of humor sometimes. She would never admit to it of course, as she nurses her evil warlock disposition with a passion! ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Home, Home on the Range

When Anoukisse bought Farmer Yoon's ranch, she was hoping to settle down and have a quiet place to call home. Earning a peaceful living certainly was much harder than she expected, but she persevered, and soon work contracts were pouring in!








Featured Above: Straw Hat, Acolyte's Shirt, Blue Overalls, Ritual Belt, Knitted Sandals, Mostly-Amazing Gloves.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Herb Pusher

My bank alt has changed her duds to a more springtime look.

Featured above: Purple Dinner Suit, Rustic Workman's Shirt, Stratholme Lily, Lookout's Shoes.

Octavien bought Suit Boxes until he found one of each color, and then mailed them all to Frost to hold for safe-keeping. Though I've seen some screenshots where the belt was displayed, sadly, I haven't found a belt that will actually display over the suit. :/

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out In Style

Here's another of Anou's "around town" outfits, stuff you could wear on a daily basis, and pretty much all can be stored in a closet bank. She wore this while pet battling, and whist wandering around doing her Darkmoon Faire dailies.

Featured above: Embroidered Hat, Purple Martial Shirt, High Councillor's Sash, Black Tuxedo Pants, Dress Shoes, Stratholme Lily.

You could get the exact same look in green if you prefer, by using the Green Martial Shirt and Councillor's Sash instead. Russet Hat could possibly do the trick, but it's tan and green color may distract a bit from the rest. You may be tempted to replace the Tuxedo Pants with Brown Linen Pants, but let me assure you: it does not look good.

Then, of course, you could pair either of these shirt/hat/sash combos with, say a Simple Kilt too add a more feminine touch!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lor'Themar's Girl

With lore from the new patch gravitating around Blood Elves once more, Anou has decided to show off the colors of her kin, flaunting it in front of Hellscream without a care in the world.

"So, Yllap, how do I look?"

She was so adamant about this new transmog set that she even refused to participate in the new content when it arrived on Tuesday until she could farm enough Champion's Seals to buy her Sunreaver tabard (which, probably on account of lack of bank space, she had vendored quite a few patches ago). Thankfully, it was still available.

Back at home in Silvermoon City, to meet with...

Lor'Themar Theron & Co.

Featured above (and below): Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit, Sunreaver tabard, Scarlet Sin'Dorei Robes, Gloves of Tyri's Power, Felheart Belt, Boots of the Malefic, Fang of Venoxis, Book of Highborne Hymns.

Ok, so. The shoulders and dagger have a similar natural green-glow (amplified by the dagger's Jade Spirit enchant). The boots could easily be replaced by Felheart Slippers, but I preferred the grey-on-grey that was almost identical to the robe's hem, making the boots efface themselves. My ultimate goal is to make myself a Girdle of Ruination¹ to replace the Felheart Belt, but there is a lot of tedious farming involved that I haven't been motivated enough to do yet, considering I already had the Fel one and the green jewel in it brings the rest together just as nicely.

After her meeting with Theron (Azeroth's McSteamy?), Rommath and Brightwing, Anou accompanied Scout Captain Elsia to the Isle of Thunder, to aid in the war efforts there.

"You look that way, I'll look this way. Hiss if you see something."

¹Incidentally, I won the pattern off the auction house in a VERY tight and competitive bidding war with someone whom I won't name, but happened to see and thenceforth kept dibs on. After hours and hours, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my family, doing napkin math and guesstimation to figure out the last possible minute to bid on the pattern, my iPhone tucked beside me... My last bid went through and about 3 minutes after, my phone buzzed, and everyone at the table cheered! LOL

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fel Spider

Here is Anoukisse's newest transmog. I can't wear this kind of stuff IRL, so allow me to live vicariously through my Barbie. I mean Blood Elf.

Featured above: Mistyreed Shoulderpads, Hibernal Robe, Spelltwister's Gloves, Sorcerer's Belt of Final Winter, Ringo's Blizzard Boots, Regail's Crackling Dagger.

Now the plan is to pick up some wicked awesome swords for my Wrathguard that will match this glowy green...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adventure Awaits

Being a stylish girl, Anou likes to change up her outfits when she's out and about Azeroth doing various things. Here's an outfit that can be used daily around in the city, or maybe, as she did, to pet battle in style.

Hard day's night for the Sand Kitten

"Who's excited to go pet battling? Who?!"

Featured above: Embroidered Hat, Golden Filigreed Doublet, Interlaced Belt, Lookout's Pants, Soft-Soled Linen Boots.

The nice thing about the above pieces is that all but one are not soulbound. You can use anything to replace the boots of course. Knitted Sandals (or Kurkenstoks—the only reason to roll an Alliance toon, as per Anou's opinion). Oddly enough, the Buccaneer's Boots didn't look bad because of the way they folded over, I think. Ringo's Blizzard Boots, on the other hand, looked terrible. So don't use those. Anou chose boots because she was in Tanaris, and didn't want to get sun-blisters on her toes, and was going for (almost) complete coverage from the sun.

The Umbrella of Chi-Ji would have been a nice touch but the colors somewhat clashed.

After a long day of pet battling, Anou returned to Orgrimmar to set foot—for the very first time—in the Brawlers Guild, to cheer on her husband's DK, and a few other guild mates.

Holding her Torch of Austen for ambiance.

Oh, and one last thing. If you're a Horde (and a hoarder (hehe)) you might want to double check all the vendors in Dalaran for cloth pieces like that Filigreed Doublet, or "novelty" items like Bottle of Dalaran White, that don't seem to be available anywhere else, and stock up before 5.2 when Jaina (probably) kicks us all out (for an undetermined(?) period of time).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Matty's Movie Mog Contest

Matty, over at Sugar & Blood, is holding a Movie Mog contest in honor of the Oscars falling on her birthday! First of all, happy birthday Matty! Secondly, thanks for offering up this great idea, and another opportunity for me to play World of Barbies! ;) Or in this case, Lord of the Rings Dress-Up!

Here are the rules:

  • Deadline for submission: February 20, 2013 (any time zone is fine)
  • Submission format: Screenshots of each of your entries, with character name from the movie
  • Mog ensemble: somewhere jot down what you did, so if folks ask, it's available
  • What: Submit three mog outfits, (Mogit is fine) of three characters from one of your favorite movies, or from one of the award nominees this year. For example, Mary Todd, Abraham, and Robert Lincoln would be a good trio. This is not their Oscar or red carpet attire, but the costumes in the films.
It was also specified that the 'mogs didn't have to actually be transmogrifiable, could be a mix of all sorts of stuff, so long as it looked like the characters' costumes in the movie.

On the one hand, I never remember which of my blogs I link back to from various posts and comments on other sites, so I've posted all my entries over at Diary of a Gnome Spy. However, since this entry is completely designed with cloth, I decided I would post it to Anou's Armoire as well, considering this is a cloth-specific blog for costumes! :)

Elrond, Lord of Rivendell

Featured above: Resplendent Circlet, Red Workman's Shirt, Vestments of the Sea-Witch, Cord of Reconstruction, Boots of Blasting, Padded Bracers.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Critter Hunt

Anou took several hours on Sunday to progress with Battle Pets. See, she needs to be ready for the day someone lets loose a crate full of rodents on the beach in Krasarang Wilds. I wanted to increase her pet collection, switch out some low-quality ones for uncommon or rare ones, I wanted to work on some achievements, and other silly, non-stressful stuff.

Naturally, a girl has to be dressed for the occasion.

Anou and Juliette out for a stroll.

Featured above: Sodden Cloth Hat, Thick Cloth Vest, White Swashbuckler's Shirt, Brocade Belt, Mistscape Pants, Soft-Soled Linen Boots, Lantern of Enchanted Flame. Juliette is a Calico Cat that you can buy in Dalaran.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Devil in Shadow

For the past month at least, Anou has been sporting this new look:

Negotiations Begin

Featured above: Shadowflame Mantle, Cataclysmic Gladiator's Felweave Raiment, Bombardment Bracers, Gloves of Penitence, Incineration Belt, Doomcaller's Footwraps, Sulfur Stave.

Azlikad, Anou's Wrathguard, seems to be going for a similar look, don't you think?

To complete the epic purpleness of this outfit, Anou has chosen her (recently) well-earned Corrupted Firehawk as mount of choice.

/mountspecial ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Carousel Ride

While visiting the Darkmoon Faire this morning to get her daily fix of Whack-A-Gnoll, Anou rode the Carousel.

Yippeeee! I'm riding the Murloc!

Ten and Anou meet up for lunch!

Featured above: Battered Jungle Hat, Black Mageweave Vest, Bombardment Bracers, Runed Stygian Belt, Empowered Leggings, Knitted Sandals, Flesh and Bone, Green Brewfest Stein.

Although this wasn't the most perfect outfit, perhaps too busy, or not exactly the same shades/colors, I really wanted to throw something together to sport my hard-earned Runed Stygian Belt! ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bank Alts

So, my first post of the new year (Happy New Year, by the way), bank alts.

Everyone who's anyone has a bank alt, whether it be a guild bank with old-world mats inside or simply a regular bank to horde a few odds and ends...

My bank alt is a level 84 hunter, so she can wear anything made of cloth, leather and mail. For this site however, I am sticking to cloth. This is her holiday outfit for this year, but she's always picking and choosing items in my guild bank's overflowing grey-quality gear tab.

The Bank Posse

Featured above: Red Winter Clothes, Lookout's Shoes, Wine Glass.

In the above screencap, Frost is posed with Auctioneer Sowata in Orgrimmar's Valley of Wisdom. It's her main haunt as the bank and mailbox are both within a mere few seconds of walking distance. Frost and Sowata have developed quite a haggling relationship over the years.