Friday, October 25, 2013

Not Innactive

To all my followers,

Anou's Armoire is somewhat dormant because:
  1. I don't like making 'mogs or putting thematic outfits together just to post here;
  2. I am also trying to keep my main toons geared to raid, so that means dailies, LFR, Flex, Raids, etc.;
  3. I am extremely happy with my current cloth/Warlock tmog, and;
  4. I have a mog-related category for all classes/armor proficiencies over at The Gnome Spy, my other sort of "everything goes" blog.

Now, this is not a shameless plug, nor is it an attempt to keep my blog "recently updated" in the blog rolls, it's just to let you know that I have not (nor do I intend to) let it go.


~The Management ;)


  1. I totally understand. Sometimes you just like what you've got, and forcing yourself to change isn't a necessity. I stop by regularly, just in case. :p

    1. Aww, thanks for visiting anyway! ;)

      Actually though, this site isn't only about t-mogs, but about all sorts of outfit ideas for various roleplay scenarios and other such stuff. Hopefully it's an inspirational resource for those in a fashion rut! ;)