Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Photo Shoot

Probably due to her fashion connections, Anou was recently ask to pose for Art of Azeroth magazine. The article was about famous sculptures throughout Pandaria, and several well-known Azerothian heroes would be featured throughout the piece. She felt it would be appropriate to show the photos (now that the article has been published), to show off another of her pretty outfits.

Here are the photos that ended up in Art of Azeroth:



Featured above: Spring Robes, Crown of the Fire Festival, Knitted Sandals.

And here are some photos that *I* decided to publish—unbeknownst to Anou—that ended up on the bloopers reel:

"Did anyone call for chicken?"

Cluck Cluck Cluck! /CHICKEN!

If *I'd* have had my say, those would have been published too, and titled "Dignity".

That Anou, what a sense of humor sometimes. She would never admit to it of course, as she nurses her evil warlock disposition with a passion! ;)


  1. The crane, the pandaren script on scrolls, such beauty and... what is that woman doing standing on the fountain!? Get down from there, rapscallion!

    I do enjoy a good art show. :p