Monday, August 13, 2012


This is an outfit I've been wanting to put together for awhile but never took the time to. Every respectable girl needs an outfit to wear to the beach, or on those extremely hot treks through Sholazar Basin. It can be changed up with various pieces, obviously, but this Simple Blouse bares Anou's midriff refreshingly well.

Lazy Summer Day

Cucumber Sandwiches!

Ocean View

Featured above: Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles, Simple Blouse, Ritual Belt, Padre's Trousers, Knitted Sandals, Romantic Picnic Basket.

The Gossamer Pants are the same model as Padre's Trousers and likely more easily found. Also, the belt and blouse are available in gray-quality items (Frayed Belt and Interlaced Vest), so you can store them safely in your bank guild if you don't intend to transmog them.


  1. I'm pretty silly. I decided to take a break from scoring transmogs and I just realized I'm doing it by looking at transmogs, lol.

    After looking at her beachwear I think I'll have to visit Tanaris and take a swim. She looks like she's having such a lovely time!

    1. What is it they say? You can take the girl out of the tmog but you can't take the tmog out of the girl..? Or something like that. Tee hee! ;)