Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anou Gets a Dog

Here is a day to day outfit one could use, say, to go out to the dog park with your faithful companion. Incidentally, Anoukisse only just got her own Perky Pug this year, evidence of how she (I) hates using the LFG feature.

Magical Menagerie and Rescue

Visa, Master Card, or Dalaran Express?

Not a fire hydrant, but it will do.

Anxiety at the Dog Park

Featured above (not all items featured in every image): Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles, Brocade Vest, Sleeveless T-Shirt, Uvuros Hide Gloves, Brocade Belt, Inconspicuous Pantaloons, Flax Boots, Basilisk Bone. Novelty item: Rope Pet Leash.


  1. What a perfect casual outfit for dog walking! My Druid will probably never have the Pug so she puts a leash on her Worg and pretends, silly girl.

    1. My Paladin has the pug, but he's too manly to take it out. He's got a Worg Pup too, which he leaves loose, because he's so manly and stuff... ;)