Friday, June 29, 2012

Destruction Warlock

Contrary to some of her prior choices, Anoukisse was looking for a transmog outfit that suited her fiery training. She is a Destruction Warlock for crying out loud! Where is the evil? The chaos? The inferno?!

Heeeeere it is. Right here.

Fire and Chaos

"Drat! Missed these ones!"

Featured above: Dark Conjuror's Collar, Shawl of Wonderment, Valorous Deathbringer Robe, Sash of Potent Incantations, Zaetar's Gloves, Slippers of the Holy Light.

For some reason, my screenshots have been blurry lately. I'll have to check what's going on with that, so I apologize for the poor quality images. The robe is a Warlock-specific item obtained with a token. The weapon can be anything you choose, thanks to the dazzling, flaming effects of the Power Torrent enchantment, but what can you do. On the bright side, it costs less in transmog fees.

This outfit would probably look just as good with the Felheart Horns, although more and more I find they are over-used.

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