Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Amateur Azerothian's JD Kenada is hosting a new transmog competition this month in honor of the Olympics in London: the Mogolympics!

Seeing as this site is mostly about my cloth-wearing Blood Elf warlock, Anoukisse (she is a bit temperamental and quite prejudiced against the alliance), I will be featuring my entries/updates over at Diary of a Gnome Spy, my sister-site. However, since all comments usually link back to this site, I figured I'd let people know where the proverbial beef will be.

I felt that adding this particular contest stuff to Anou's Armoire was kind of like false advertising, considering there will be plate, mail, leather, etc, stuff Anou can't equip. I prefer to keep my ideas here sincere and legitimate, so it was fitting that I post my flagbearers to The Gnome Spy which is a bit about everything I do that is WoW related. (And no, it's not a bid to get more viewers over there, I promise!)

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