Thursday, April 5, 2012

Casual Spring Garments

Aaahh! When the flowers bloom and the birds are chirping we know that Spring has sprung. The air is still chilly but lighter colors help replicate the freshness of the season.

In the set below, I like to add Battered Jungle Hat to the mix, but this shot seemed more appropriate like this. Also, the gloves were a quest reward (Pigskin Gloves, also a quest reward, are an exact replica of these). If you're not going to wear the gloves, switch the boots with Dress Shoes. Now, if you're looking to Tmog this outfit, you may want to go with Suntouched Flowers.

Picking Wildflowers

Featured above: Buccaneer's Robes, Pink Mageweave Shirt, Mostly-Amazing Gloves, Embroidered Boots, Beautiful Wildflowers.
Wandering Healer's Kilt is a valuable item, good for all seasons, but it's a quest reward from the Kalu'ak, and I haven't seen another item the likes of it. You can pair it simply with Formal White Shirt, or dress it up a bit more as I have done here.

Wind in the Reeds

Featured above: Mistyreed Tunic, Sleeveless T-Shirt, Councillor's Sash, Wandering Healer's Kilt, Knitted Sandals, Simple Wildflowers

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