Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Walk

Going out for a walk in spring can be tricky. Will it be warm? Will it be cool? What's the air like...? Here's an outfit that can pull double-duty in spring or fall. I like that the chest piece is a neutral enough color to be able to switch the shirt beneath to better match the pants you choose. Or, you can wear no shirt at all underneath, for an airier look in warmer climates. Personally, I like to go with the denim look.

I would have liked to find a pair of "jeans" that reached Anou's ankles, but so far I have only found carpi-like pants, although these are longer than the Royal Trousers, for example. Also, those sandals are always in my bags and very handy, but I'm still looking for a decent shoe or boot to go with this outfit.

Visiting the Neighbor

Featured above: Thread-Bare Hat, Crochet Vest, Formal White Shirt, Sodden Cloth Belt, Mistcape Pants, Knitted Sandals.

You may wonder why I chose so many grey-quality items for my outfits. It's simple. They are never soulbound. So when I am tired of wearing this get-up, I mail it over to my "bank 'toon" to pack away for another day! Furthermore, I don't think day-to-day clothes like the items featured above can truly be believable when off to do battle, so there's no need for the individual items to be "transmogrifiable".

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