Monday, April 9, 2012

Love and Warcraft

Some gowns are beautiful, some gowns are fine. Some gowns are simple and can be worn on many occasions. But some gowns have just that extra pleat, button or other fancy detail that sets them aside in a whole different category.

These are the gowns that WoW role-players love the most for in-game weddings, engagements, ceremonies and other formal events. These gowns are on my "special" list, and paired right, can give off the perfect vibe of romance. Some people wear them as transmogrified battle gear, others wear them as every day "pretty dresses", but I think they are a class apart.

This is one of those gowns.

The Aisle

The Alter

Featured above: Robes of the Exalted, Spring Flowers.
Cameo Appearance: Darger (Remember the massive shoulders and perma-frown? He's so awesome he dressed up and came to pose for screen shots!!) is sporting Tuxedo Jacket, Antique Silver Cufflinks, Tuxedo Pants, Dress Shoes, Diamond-Tipped Cane.

Now, same dress, different flowers, and some interesting bracers. But ultimately, the effect is the same. (Although I don't recommend these bracers and gown as a match--I'd actually forgotten to remove them for the screenshot--there's something about them that makes me not dislike the combination.) Also, this turquoise color is my favorite, but this gown comes in various hues, namely a gold-colored one that I also love but don't have (yet).

The Rehearsal

Featured above: Robes of the Exalted, Chronoboost Bracers, Knitted Sandals, Bouquet of Orange Marigolds.

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