Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lighted Off-Hands

For whatever reason--you're going into a cave or hunting through the woods--your character may need a handy flame to brighten his/her path. Torches and lanterns seem the way to go in those circumstances. I've discovered the hard way that many pretty lanterns are quest rewards, or no longer available in game.

My advice is to 1) scour the auction houses, or 2) go through the entire Wowhead database under Off-Hand Frills and see what's available to you. Keep in mind that these items don't always use the word "torch" or "lantern", and surprisingly, I found a wand that looks like a torch, so be resourceful.   

Torch of Austen is actually a World-drop Rare BoE wand, but it can obviously be replaced by any other torch. I'm not sure I would recommend farming this item, it's probably easier to check the auction house for an off-hand.

In this next shot, an action shot by all meanings of the word, Anou is wearing Councillor's Sash, but I usually pair this dress with Mistyreed Belt which also goes superbly well. (An exact replica of this belt would be Chloromesh Girdle.) Speaking of exact replicas, Uvuros Hide Gloves are an Outland quest reward, but tailors can make Black Mageweave Gloves which are the same.

Who Goes There?!

Featured above: Consortium Robe, Formal White Shirt, Uvuros Hide Gloves, Councillor's Sash, Calico Shoes, Torch of Austen.


  1. I have 2 lanterns that are from dungeons:
    Bioluminescent Lamp- Throne of Tides, and Eerie Stable Lantern- reg SFK
    Nice blog!

    The WOW Debutante/Chatmay

  2. Hi Chatmay, :)

    Thanks for leaving the item names, it's quite helpful for people looking for alternatives. Those are both drops, and don't have the same look, so they open up more options!