Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing Anou's Armoire

Hello fellow World of Warcraft role-players!

My name is Elisa, and I have developed this blog in an attempt to display "my" adventures in Azeroth.

Anoukisse (pronounced Ah-New-Kiss), the star of the show you might say, is a level 85 Blood Elf warlock, residing on Arathor. She is the main character of this blog and my alter ego if you will. Arathor is not a role-play realm, but I like to bring out my characters' personas now and again, so Anou is often seen roaming around the World, collecting various cloth pieces and acting as a fashion model, striking poses in various outfits.
Diary of a Gnome Spy

Originally these pages were listed on my real website which was unfortunately hacked and used to propagate viruses (shame on hackers for picking on the little people).

My original header.

The whole idea behind the “Gnome Spy” started with the fact that my very first 'toon in the game was a Gnome mage named Juniperus. When I switched over to the Horde, my guild-mates continuously made reference to this and it became an inside joke and also somewhat part of my persona. So, aside from a few random, seldom-played Alliance characters, I am loyal to the Horde, particularly to the race of Blood Elves because they are so pretty.

Cameo appearances by: Octavien, Blood Elf Paladin; Erysi, Tauren Druid; Lyv, Undead Priest; Zotik, Goblin Rogue; Frostbayne, Blood Elf Hunter; and Ysobel, a level 30-something Troll Warrior.

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