Friday, April 6, 2012

Chef Anoukisse

After having mastered yet another level of cooking, Anou has won the "Chef" title. How better to put her skills to use than to cook up a storm in Orgrimmar.

The Brewfest set, along with the official Chef's hat are perfect for this outfit, along with various special off-hand weapons. In her inventory, Anou has Flesh and Bone (featured below) and Old Crafty. However, any number of miscellaneous fish can be held in your off-hand, as well as some weapons that my warlock can't equip unfortunately. (For example the Spider Splatter Mace, or Cookie's Tenderizer.)

Frontal view.

Viewed from behind.

Featured above: Chef's Hat, Brewfest Dress, Brewfest Boots, Flesh and Bone.

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