Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Colorful Kilt

Now, here is an item that presents a challenge: The Colorful Kilt. It looks like it belongs in a circus--or more specifically, on top of one. I've seen many people dress it up or dress it down, and can't say I was in any way convinced that Anou needed to have one in her already packed wardrobe. However, trying to put an outfit together around a belt I found on the Auction House, I found a place for it. (At least temporarily.)

Waiting for Dagrin

Featured above: Crimson Felt Hat, Black Mageweave Vest, Undercity Doublet, Ritual Belt, Colorful Kilt, Recruit's Boots, and Sulfur Stave.

"Dagrin, hurry up already!"

Featured above: Same outfit, accessories removed.

What I like about this outfit, is that the blacks and browns are all in the same hues, and they tend to lean toward the pinkish/redish/purples in the kilt. The Undercity Doublet adds matching sleeves to the vest, but you could as soon leave the arms bare. Basically, I find it pimpin' as a whole. (No pun intended.)

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