Friday, April 6, 2012

Lush Private Garden

Blood Elves like everything to be beautiful--they are all vain, superficial and somewhat shallow to varying degrees. You can see their appreciation of natural curves and landscapes, the comfort and luxury of pillows and fabrics, and an overall penchant for layered textures all around their main cities.

Anoukisse is no different. Here she is, savoring her victory in the Observation Grounds of Magister's Terrace with a glass of Dalaran wine, after slaying the vile Priestess Delrissa and her evil cohorts (and waiting for their bodies to despawn).

The Calm *After* the Storm

Dipping her Toes in the Water

The dress Anou is wearing has become my favorite for her when she's out and around town. (Some random person once even asked her out on a date, lol.) I especially love it because it bares her shoulders and gives the illusion that you can see her necklace.

Featured above: Robes of Dissention, Knitted Sandals, Red Wine Glass.

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