Friday, April 27, 2012

Mellow Autumn Ensemble

Anoukisse loves the dark, smoky ambiance of the mages' library in the deeps of Orgrimmar. She can often be found there, perusing the dusty shelves.

For this set, any book will do, of course--it depends on what you have on hand, if you have a color preference, or simply how much bank space you have. Incidentally, the Dungeoneering Guide is an epic off-hand crafted by Scribes, and it is excellent for level 85 spell casters.

Zookeeper's Guide to Polymorph by Shea Piumaman

Featured above: Woven Vest, Formal White Shirt, Knitted Belt (a classic), Simple Kilt, Acolyte's Shoes, Dungeoneering Guide.

There will be a new post on neutral books in the Gowns and Accessories "Label" by next week!

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