Thursday, April 5, 2012

Have Hat, Will Travel

Speaking of hats, I like my Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat a lot because it suits many purposes and matches many ensembles. Since it's so versatile, I don't take up bank space with other, similar hats. In the example below, a Russet Hat or Crochet Hat would look just as good.

Here is Anou's traveling suit: a khaki green robe that dampens the appearance of dust, stains and wrinkles. Depending on where you're going, or the time of day, you could carry a torch (I have Torch of Austen which is actually a wand) or a lantern (such as Lantern of Enchanted Flame) in your off-hand.

Medieval G.P.S.

Featured above: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Durable Robe, Sleeveless T-Shirt, Gossamer Gloves, Watched Watcher's Slippers.

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